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Jill Osterhout, M.A., is an elementary school teacher, and the founder of Bobby’s Playground, the REO IV Random Acts of Kindness and Bobby's Blessings initiative. She is the coordinator of a free monthly community meal. Bobby’s spirit continues to guide her as she lives her busy life.  Jill uses her time and talents to  help others whenever she sees a need.  Bobby’s passing changed the direction of her life, and he continues  to be the catalyst of positive change for a better life. 

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The phone rings. The door slams. Suddenly, a tragedy that happens to "other people" happened to me. One minute of time - sixty seconds that I will play over and over in my mind for the rest of my life - one minute.

The kaleidoscope of my life, which spun in beautiful tempo to cereal bowls, toy trucks, soccer balls, and practice schedules began spinning way too fast. Doors slamming and lights from emergency vehicles flashing.

Why can't I breathe? I'm the mom; I can fix anything. Why can't mommy fix this?

I want my life back.

I don't want to hear that Bobby is in a "better place." I don't want to hear that time will heal me.

I don't want my kitchen counters covered with casseroles. I don't want to smile at the endless line of people awkwardly walking toward me saying phrases printed on sympathy cards, although I appreciate their support.

I was a stranger in my own life. I was simply breathing in and out to the rhythm of what others needed from me.

When I was unable to clear the fog that became my reality, my FAITH carried me. I decided that although my son was gone from this world, he would not be gone in spirit. Slowly, I noticed a new version of myself starting to appear.

It was then that I decided to reconstruct my life after unspeakable loss.

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2014 -Bobby's Playground

Thanks to the efforts of the Osterhout family, the Lower Bucks Family YMCA, the national nonprofit KaBOOM and more than 100 volunteers and workers from Chris Munz Construction of Northampton, a lot of children are going to be honoring Bobby’s memory with smiles and laughter of their own in the years to come.

Robert Edward Osterhout IV, of Northampton, died in a car accident on April 12. He was 14 months old.

His name will live on with Bobby’s Playground, constructed Saturday at the Lower Bucks Family YMCA’s Holland Campground in Northampton.

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2014-2015 Random Acts of Kindness REO IV

This initiative was started by Jill Osterhout and her sister, Jennifer Allen.  Post cards were created to spread love in Bobby's name.  Hundreds and hundreds of people filled out card stating the the random act of kindness.  This helped Jill and her family get through several years, after the sympathy cards ran out the family received these postcards showing all those that were keeping Bobby's memory alive. 

2015-2016 Feeding the Hungry in Philly

"Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. Reach out to someone that might need a lift."- Pablo

Jill and her sister Jennifer Allen, teamed with friends to make hundreds of sandwiches and blessings bags that were handed out to the hungry in LOVE park in Philadelphia.

2017-Free Monthly Community Meal

Jill Osterhout hosts a free monthly community meal every 3rd Sunday of each month at Addisville Reformed Church, Richboro, Pa.  All ingredients of the meal are donated and a group of volunteers help out each month.  She partners with local restaurants for donations. Contact her if you know of an organization who could benefit to attend the meal or a business who would like to donate food.

Yearly Mission Trips

Jill Osterhout chaperones a mission trip each year with the Addisville H2O youth group.  H2O meaning "Here to Obey" chooses an area that is in need of rebuilding.  Virginia and South Carolina were just a few places that H20 spread God's Love through our rebuilding of habitats for community members.

2019 Bobby's Blessings

After reading "Reconstructing a Broken Life", a friend wanted to be an an anonymous donor to get this book in the hands of all that need it.  Bobby's Blessings will send a signed free copy of the book to someone upon request.  Go to the following link and message Bobby's Blessings if you know someone that could use this book.  


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Self-Help Book Offers a Path ‘After Unspeakable Loss’

 “For an inspiring story on how to survive loss, and at the same time help others, Jill Osterhout puts it all out there in her heartfelt self-help book Reconstructing a Broken Life … After Unspeakable Loss. We are extremely proud to be her publisher,” said Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

 I don’t want to hear that Bobby is in a “better place.” I don’t want to hear that time will heal me … When I was unable to clear the fog that became my reality, my FAITH carried me. I decided that although my son was gone from this world, he would not be gone in spirit. Slowly, I noticed a new version of myself starting to appear. It was then that I decided to reconstruct my life after unspeakable loss.

Times Publishing Article: 

Every once in a while, you pick up a book you didn’t know you needed but makes an everlasting difference on your perspective of the world.

That’s what happened when reading Jill Osterhout’s recent release “Reconstructing a Broken Life…After Unspeakable Loss.”

Jill says she isn’t a writer by nature, which makes this book of self-help after loss that much more of a masterpiece.

Losing a child is something no parent should have to face, but one day it happened to Jill and her family.

This isn’t a tale about dwelling on her loss; it’s about how to reconstruct life after all she has known is shattered.

When you feel broken beyond repair, how do you go about picking up the pieces?

Jill focuses on how she has worked to reconcile this immense grief and recreate her “new normal,” living with the heavy weight of loss as a constant, lurking in the corner of every day, dimming each holiday, awakening her in cold sweats during the night.


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